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    Best settings for saving a high image quality, small file size (under 1 MB) Photoshop PDF?

    chris_cusson Level 1

      I've created a resume in Photoshop CS5 for OS X - I know, I should've used InDesign but I'm more comfortable working in Photoshop.


      The PSD is currently 2550x3300 px (8.5x11 in) at 300 dpi. I'd like to save the resume as a PDF flie so I can submit it online. I have no intentions of printing this particular document. Most websites will only accept a file size of under 1MB. What are the ideal settings for saving a PDF in the smallest file size without sacrificing on image quality? I should also note that I do not have Acrobat Pro.


      Any help, links to tutorials or similar threads would be greatly appreciated!