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    Exporting sequence, some clips do not match the timeline

    ntreuter Level 1

                Hey guys,


      I am exporting video to match sequence settings (MPEG).


      For some reason, I have two clips that will just not show up int eh final output video. There is some video in the beginning that defaults to the start of that clip, not the selected portion that is in my timeline, and then an audio issue towards the end that is the same thing. It's perfect in my program monitor, but when I export it, I'm getting something else. Is this a wierd bug or glitch?


      Edit: Exporting directly produces the results I was looking for . For some reason, it only happens when I use media encoder.


      Edit a 2nd time. I lied, it worked once, the next time I encoded it the clip was wrong again. WTF premiere.


      Edit a 3rd time, now the clips in my sequence changed. It's almost like a caching issue or something .... it's wierd, it's like some clips go back to the very beginning, ignoring the in/out points I set for them.