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    Premiere not responding upon importing

    Plan D Avalon

      Hello.  I'm a bit new and am having an issue with Premiere Pro.


      I recorded video game play with a device.  It split the video into four roughly 45 minute videos.  I'm trying to import all four parts into Premiere so I can manipulate it but it isn't working.  All four files (.ts files by the way) work.  I can play each of them via WMP.  I can even use Windows Movie Maker to combine all four parts but I want to use Premiere to do so. 


      The problem is that when I attempt to import a couple of the videos the program immediately stops responding and has to be shut down (the program not the PC).  In the test I did the most files #1 and #2 were imported fine but if I tried to import video #3 or #4, bam; program not responding.  If it matters, my machine has Windows 7, an Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz processor with 16GB ram and more than a terrabyte of disk space.


      Any help that can be suggested would be appreciated.