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    Question about support of multiple languages by installer (after modification)


      We are currently developing the plug-in of Adobe Illustrator CS5. 


      I have a question on how to support multiple languages by that plug-in. 


      I want to specify a  path according to a language of Ai and then install the swatch file when installing the plug-in(Extension) by Extension Manager.

      However, the swatch file cannot be placed in a desired path.  


      The folder of swatch libraries to which Ai refers difffers from language to language, so I want to place the swatch file only in an appropriate  path according to a language of Ai...


          Japanese version of Ai    : [Ai installation path]/Presets/ja_JP/スウォッチ

          English version of Ai    : [Ai installation path]/Presets/en_US/swatches


      *In the case that the plug-in is installed into Japanese version of Ai, the expected result is that the swatch file is placed only in "[Ai installation path]/Presets/ja_JP/スウォッチ.


      As a way to place the swatch file according to a language of Ai, I described the following contents in MXI file(project.mxi) and then installed the plug-in.  

          URL that I referenced  : http://help.adobe.com/en_US/extensionmanager/cs/using/packaging_extens ion.pdf


      --The contents of MXI file--

      <macromedia-extension  name="Extension Name"

      name_resid="name_ID"  version="1.0.0" ismultilingual="true" >




      <files xml:lang="en_US">

      <file source="en_US/test.ai" destination="$presets/en_US/swatches"/>


      <files xml:lang="ja_JP">

      <file source="ja_JP/test.ai" destination="$presets/ja_JP/スウォッチ"/>



      <files xml:lang="it_IT">

      <file source="it_IT/test.ai" destination="$presets/it_IT/swatches"/>




      When I installed the plug-in by the installer created by using the MXI file above, the swatch file(test.ai) was placed not in "$presets/ja_JP/スウォッチ" but in "$presets/en_US/swatches".


      Is there anything wrong with the MXI file above?


      Also, is there any way to place the swatch file in a desired path according to a language of Ai other than this way.   

      If someone knows it, please let me know. 


      [Implementation environment]


      Windows7 Ultimate 32bit(Japanese version)


      Software and plug-in:

      Adobe IllustratorCS5(Japanese version)

      Adobe ExtensionManagerCS5(Japanese version)

      Adobe FlashBuilder4.6

      Adobe ExtensionBuilder2.0