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    2nd Page Loading at the bottom not the top


      I have form that is legal size.  The 1st page works great, the 2nd page however loads at the bottom of the page and the user is unable to see the 1st question unless they manually scroll to the top.  Currently I have put a footer note in that the user can see to scroll to the top if they see a blank page.


      Is there any way to force the page to load from the top and not the bottom?  Help!


      Link to my form: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=uzCj2LA-tpMXpBMb%2AJThUA



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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          Thanks for including the link to your form. I've had a look at it and for me on Safari the second page questions appears as expected. However it should be noted that the browser used may affect the behavior when moving from page to page. Some browsers take you to the same part of the page you were on when you slected next. This could explain not seeing the first question if the browser had a very small window. Additionally I should note that there really isn't a concept of page length in HTML forms. Even if you designed the form with explicit page breaks in page view the HTML rendering will only be as long as the contents of the page. If I've missed something perhaps you can explain a bit more what you are trying to accomplish and I'll look into it further for you.


          Andrew Yarborough