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    Complete and Utter Audio Failure on CC's part

    tom.chase Level 1

      Today, I was finishing a time sensative edit and all of a sudden when I hit (space bar) to play a preview I hear a pop and no audio (can see the wave form in the track), the meters are flat. I had been working on this edit and played it back with no problems at all over 40 times, when I double click on the track and bring it up in the preview window it plays. I to what I had in the preview window and put it at the end of the timeline, it played, replaced the track with the new audio from the preview windown exactly where the track was I opened up and "pop" no audio no movement on the meters.


      This issuse had now effected every sequence I have been working with. I have had to recreate time-lines to meet my dead line. Turns out, when I came back after the delivery of the project to export a youtube verson of the project for my self - my audio is screwed up again.




      All audio was captured using:

      Zoom H4N & a Rode NTG-2 Mic

      Audio is WAV 44.1HZ 16bit Stereo

      Synced in Plural Eyes 3

      Adobe Premier CC (fresh re-install today)

      Mac Pro OS Lion 2.4GHz 25GB RAM

      2TB Raid for files

      1TB internal drive for scratch

      120GB SSD system drive


      Thanks ahead of time


      Tom Chase