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    How do I fix Hard Drive Bottle Necking?


      I'm running:


      SanDisk 480gb SSD - OS

      6 3TB Western Digital Internal 7600RPM Drives

      Intel i7 4770K Haswell 3.5GHz CPU

      MSI Z87 XPower Mobo

      3 MSI Gaming N760 Video Cards (Running in triple SLI)

      32gb G. Skill Trident X RAM

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


      Right now I'm rendering a 3:04 project and it's barely halfway after two hours. Seems like the remaining time stays at 1hr 30mins indefinitely. I don't think it's a processor issue as it's only running at 15% right now and my RAM is running at 60% right now (this is with other apps running). So I think my problem is the hard drives. I need to learn or find out how I can utilize my disks more effectively. Can I install another SSD strictly for Caching? (Also, how would I setup AE/PP to do that?).


      The project, media, and render output are going to the same drive which I'm pretty sure is not optimal. But, I don't know any better and can't find the information I need on the forum or on the web. Can someone post links or tell me what the best way to setup my projects would be? Obviously I have plenty of space to arrange this however would be best. Any help is awesome!