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    No Multi Cam In Premier Pro CC

    Mirrabooka Level 1

      Why is it that the makers of adobe seem to get pleaseure out of frustrating users by continually moving the goal post. I simply want to use the multi cam. Simple in previous versions more or less the same process, but oh NO lets make it difficult. I have followed the new tutorials to the letter except once I go into Windows where you can find the Multi Cam window usualy under the Metadata I have a thing called options. There for I have no multi cam monitor. After 4 hours of trying to fix this problem I now have to edit back in Prem Pro 5. Thanks for wasting my time NOT IMPRESSED SO why do I have two differnt versions of Prem Pro 6 the one on my lap top is fine yet the one on my desck top is the one with issues. Creative Cloud is just creative problems. Dont even get me started on the Encore issue that I still cant resolve CRAP.