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    Flash plugin keeps crashing in Firefox, can't fix it in any way.

      I already tried all the troubleshooting and solutions I could find using Google, but it keeps crashing anyway. It happens randomly after a while, when I open a page with flash content after some time of using the browser, the flash player has crashed message appears. If I reload the page the flash content will not appear and the page will be stuck in some sort of reloading loop.


      Please help me fix this issue.


      I already tried reinstalling flash, reinstalling FF, updating drivers, disabling HW acceleration, etc, none solved the problem. Downgrading to an obsolete insecure version of Flash isn't a solution.


      I also asked on Firefox support forum and tried to reinstall flash by deleting every related folder manually before, using firefox in safe mode and reinstalling graphics drivers, it always crashes and it drives me crazy.

      Here's a link to my thread on Mozilla support forum: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=13027139#p13027139


      Please help me fix this annoying issue.