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    How to update Closed Caption captionDisplay.source at run time?

    Craig D. Level 1
      I have put together a movie containing a FLVPlayback component. I need to make closed captioning available for the videos that are played back within the FLVPlayback component. I have no problems updating the .contentPath of the FLVPlayback component and can initially set the captionDisplay.source however, I have not been able to figure out at this point how to properly update the captionDisplay.source. At this point everything I have tried results in the captioning only being displayed for the initial video and only the first time it is displayed or no captioning is displayed at all.

      I am using the CaptionedSkins 1.4 available via Flash Exchange in conjunction with Flash 8 Professional and have created external DFXP XML files with MAGpie. Also note that I am restricted to ActionScript 2.0 in this particular project.

      A point in the right direction ... anything would be most helpful.
        • 1. How to update Closed Caption captionDisplay.source at run time?
          Craig D. Level 1
          I'm actually a little surprised at the lack of response. Fortunately I have come up with a work around to my issue though it is not exactly what I was hoping to do. Regardless I will share it here so that it may be of assistance to anyone else experiencing a similar problem.

          I have gone with the assumption that it is not possible to dynamically update the captionDisplay.source since defining "a local reference to the captioned skin's captionDisplay instance" is "technically a hack" and I have been been unsuccessful in obtaining any additional information on how to change the value of the captionDisplay.source at runtime. All attempts I have made to do so have yielded unexpected results. Namely, the captioning contained in the external timed text file fail to display.

          What I ended up doing was to create additional frames in the fla. When a new frame is entered a unique instance of the FLVPlayback component is generated with the captionDisplay.source set to the relative url of the timed text document. The disadvantage to this, in my humble opinion, is that I am not simply able to update the properties of a single FLVPlayback component.

          Note that I've not experienced any issue with updating the contentPath of the FLVPlayback at runtime.