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    Premiere Pro CC - Program Monitor shows only black screen

    nodge88 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am hoping someone out there can help me (and I am sure many others) with this problem.


      I was using Premiere Pro CS6 and was half way through a project when I upgraded to Premiere Pro CC. This was fine and I finished the project, however soon after this when I re-entered Premiere Pro CC in order to make some final adjustments and tweaks, the program monitor appeared to be black. I can see nothing but black on the program monitor window. When I play the project, the sound works just fine, but I cannot see anything in the program monitor.


      Please see the discussion linked here (http://forums.adobe.com/message/5487954) for more information on this issue. I am hoping to relight the fire on this and get some answers for everyone having this issue. It has rendered my Permiere Pro useless right now. I cannot even start new projects as it has the same problem.


      NOTE: I have tried rolling back to CS6 but this does not work and I found out from this forum that rolling back versions was never possible. I have also tried reinstalling PP CC but that also did not solve the problem.


      I hope someone can help out here.


      Thank you!