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    Add custom header/footer to WebHelp output window?




      I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.


      I'm using a trial version of RoboHelp 10.  Is it possible to insert custom header and footer onto the WebHelp output window?  I want to add a header on top of the output window (before contents, index, search toolbar), and add a footer to the bottom of the window (a footer that goes across the two panes).  I tried using master pages, but that's not what I am looking for since master pages are limited to customizing the topic pages.


      Does HTML5 output support the customizations that I want?  Thank you.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You want to mess about with the skin? – hope you like JavaScript programming ;>)

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



            Am I right in thinking that this could be done in an HTML5 layout?




            Subject to Willam confirming this can be done, it will be not be simple so it will depend on your skill level. Willam does run a consultancy and if it can be done he would be willing to discuss doing this for you but there would be a charge.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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              Willam van Weelden Level 5

              Yes, this can be done in HTML5 (even in the existing layouts). For WebHelp, I think that it may be done, but it will involve a lot of customisation. Better go with HTML5.




              If you are interested in professional support, contact me at contact wvanweelden eu to discuss your options.









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                vijayam29244127 Level 1

                Is there any solution to to add a custom header on top of the welhelp pro output window (before contents, index, search toolbar) .

                We are using licensed version of RoboHelp2015 and  Robohelp server 10 to deploy webhelp pro output .

                We want to add our organizational header on top of  contents, index, search toolbar.

                Please guide us how to do it.




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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hi there


                  There will be no solution you will find within the RoboHelp setup. Nothing you can do or change within the application. So any solution will involve stepping a bit outside the box.


                  Likely you could easily achieve it by creating a simple frameset split horizontally in two areas. Then insert your desired banner or whatever in that top frame. Then point the bottom frame to the WebHelp start page.


                  Cheers... Rick

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                    vijayam29244127 Level 1

                    WebHelp :


                    After generating Help project as  WebHelp output ,modified generated output files to include frame for custom header and and it is deployed in normal apache webserver  or tomcat application server, it worked.

                    Since we have licensed robo help server 10 we want to publish it in Robo help server .

                    I tried to publish it as web help project using http and FTP but it is failed saying "A connection with server could not be established."


                    I think the values given in Host name and server directory is not correct for FTP  & http option .

                    Can you please tell us what values has to given in those fields for both FTP and http options.


                    Also Please explain the url to access the htm page which has two frames (one frame src is custom  header and bottom frame source is webhelp start page) if it is generated as Webhelp output and deployed in Robo helpserver.


                    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------




                    We also generated Help project as WelpHelpPro and published in to newly created context in general  Help Area

                    Values given in Server Name : http://ipaddress:8080/contextname/server

                    Select general as Help Area.

                    so project is published inside contextname/server/general/projects.


                    In the case of webhelp pro,  robo help by default generate start page as initial projectName.htm and it is opened by default when below url is accessed.


                    We accessed using url  http://ipaddress:8080/contextname/server?project=projectname for webhelp pro output.

                      Above url displays Help with out custom header.


                    when I tried to modify this default page to include frame  ,  it is not working.

                    Please explain in detail which page has to modified For Webhelp Pro.


                    Also explain url to access this top level htm page (containing 2 frame for 1 for custom header and another for default or start page) for webhelp pro.