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    Update from PP CS4 to PP CC - which geforce GTX series?

    Alexauwa Level 1

      Gday everyone,


      i am about to upgrade my system from premiere pro cs4 to PP CC.


      I am right now working on a i7 2,66 ghz with an older nvidia geforce gts 250 1 GB. According to adobes graphic card requirements i am looking for a fitting graphic card of the GTX series.


      Is there any recommandation according to my processor?

      Is there a specific amount of RAM required?

      How important in the Cube index/number?

      What about the GTX 470, 570, 580?

      Does it has to be a 600 oder 700 series?

      Does this also work for After Effects CC?


      I'd also like to work with a SSD disc. Do you have any experience with it? Do you run Windows and application on it and files on a seperate disc?


      Your help would be much appreciated!


      Looking forward to your replies!