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    After Effects Audio Output Causes Render To Hang Then "Output Module Failed"


      So I have been working on this video for a few weeks now, no special effects just 3D layers and text.

      I had set it to render Thursday afternoon and it finished Friday night after I left work.


      So today I came into work played the video and I realized I didn't render the audio. (NICE!)


      So I reset the render que (didnt change anything but render audio settings) and the render

      doesn't even start, it just stays at "Stage: Compressing and Writing" for a few minutes then gives me

      the good ole' output module has failed.

      Ive already restarted AE, and my comp, I also purged the memory.

      Im running windows 7 (64 bit) with 8gb RAM and Intel Core i7-3770S CPU @ 3.10ghz


      It is definitely the audio output, I tried rendering without it and it started up just fine.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.