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    How many CPU cores for AE?

    Steve836 Level 1



      A little advice, please.


      I need a new PC ASAP, so can’t wait and save more money. I need it primarily for After Effects CS5.


      If I can only afford 8gb RAM, but have the choice of a six core or eight core AMD, which should I get, please? (For example, is it a waste getting eight core with only 8gb RAM?)


      Here are my options:


      AMD 6300

      AMD 6350

      AMD 8320


      They’re all roughly the same price because of the other components, e.g. brand of motherboard, size of HDD, quality of graphics card, etc.


      I don't go mad with AE - I don't render 1000s of layers of various formats with 100s of effects. My AE projects are quite small and modest.


      Thanks for any help,