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    Trouble importing an XML that uses DPX sequences


      We are doing an offline edit using a DPX sequence. We're testing now to ensure that an XML of the sequence when we're done will work. (Our DPX is in HD, and the online house will be taking a 4K DPX version of the same piece - identical except for the resolution - for the online.) However, when we start up a new project and import the XML to test it out, it isn't making the edits to the DPX sequence that we made. Everywhere there is an edit, it just starts the DPX sequence at the beginning again. This is the same exact HD DPX sequence that we used when we made the edits.


      Here is the original project:





      Here is what it looks like when we create an XML from that project and import it into a new project:




      The text block you see in the thumbnail for the videos in the sequence is the slate at the top of the DPX sequence, so you can see that it's just starting at the beginning of the DPX sequence every time there's a cut. What should we be doing differently?

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          apelike_22 Level 1

          XML was developed by Apple for FCP, which can't read image sequences without a quicktime wrapper.  So, what this means is that XML cannot handle image sequences either.  If you look at the XML in TextWrangler, or whichever your favorite script reading app may be, you'll see that each cut is populated only by the frame of the DPX sequences that occurred at that edit point.  I've run into this issue myself and found this very useful thread on the topic:




          You might have more luck with AAF, but I haven't tested it myself.  Also, an EDL will get you good results (God bless the ol' thing) if you're finishing artist is using Smoke, Flame, Hiero or the like.


          Hope this helps!



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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            XML was developed by Apple for FCP


            That's not correct.  Apple simply uses the open standard format.  As it happens, so does Adobe.  PP projects are XML documents.




            To the question at hand, I'd ask do you really need an XML here?  With the new 7.1 update, you can now easily replace the HD sequence with the 4K sequence.

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              apelike_22 Level 1

              My apologies Jim.  My understanding - which was probably incorrect - was that the XML schema that was in use by FCP7, which has since been implemented for use in Smoke, Resolve, Premiere, etc., was developed by Apple.  Thanks for educating me!


              XML as currently coded cannot convey sequences created from image-sequence-based media.


              What has been an issue for me and a few others, which may be in play here, is relinking to media coming from a third party grading session.  Smoke, Hiero, Resolve, SpeedGrade can all conform DPXs to an EDL or XML using timecode (independent of reel name, clip name, etc) while Premiere as yet does not.  Premiere's relinking struggles if there's any disparity between the source file names and the file names it's relinking to.  It would be great to see some more flexibility there, such as timecode-based relinking coupled with optional fields for partial clip name and partial reel name relinking.


              Since the original post refers to a third party vendor doing the finish on the project, simply relinking in Premiere may not be an option.  If the vendor in question is going to be conforming in either Smoke, Flame or Hiero, just sending an EDL over will just about guarantee a successful conform.  I'd contact them and find out what they prefer.