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    Flash Builder 4.7 Release Build plays slow on Android


      I am using FB 4.7 to build a mobile Flex app for Android (Nexus 10) which works fine when i use the debug apk in the development environment and on the Nexus but the release build plays at a slower framerate.


      It feels like the GPU render setting in the xml is ignored. The framerate is very slow during a big animation but speeds up in smaller animations


      If I decompile the release apk i can see the renderMode is set to GPU


      The release build process is also ignoring all the folders and associated files in the bin-debug. The only files copied to the release temp folder are the swf (with smaller filesize) and the app xml. I have to manually copy all associated files with each build, which is quite annoying


      Does anyone know how to fix the slow playback for release builds?


      Or is there a way to rename the development apk so that it doesn't have the '-debug' suffix as this apk plays correctly



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          Ade_1 Level 1

          I discovered that the playback problem was caused by including the Air runtime in the app. Not including the runtime  makes playback much smoother

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            hi ade_1,


            i have figured out excatly the same where i also have the nexus 10 tables. Do you had a chance to test it on another device?


            Do you have found a way to fix it?


            I use AIR SDK 3.8 with FB 4.7.


            The release version with runtime build-in is a lot of slower.






            When i debug the app (over USB) and then export a release version that is automatic installed on the device, i got the slow performance. BUT!! when i switch off the device, discounnect the USB calbe, start the release app, i got the full performance back.


            Can you try this and report if i´m right?