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    Graphics card for AE?




      Some advice on graphics cards, please.


      I need to buy a new PC quickly, so don’t have time to save more money. (My AE [CS5] projects are small and modest, not monsters with 1000s of layers with 100s of effects.)


      I know graphics cards play a big part in gaming, but how important are they for video production?


      Here are my options for a six core, 8gb RAM PC that I can just afford:


      ATI 5450

      ATI 6450



      Can I get away with a cheap card or will my system really suffer?


      If these cheap cards would be a nightmare, would a 6770 or GT640 make a vast improvement?


      Like I said, budget and time are both big problems!


      Thanks for any help,


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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          In your price range, you'd be better off investing in more memory than you would a graphics card.  In AE work, you'd get more bang for the buck.  16 gigs vs. 8 gigs can make a big difference.

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            I will tell you that in my setup a beefy video card doesn't have nearly the effect within AE as it does within NukeX, C4D, DaVinci Resolve, PFTrack & various simulation software.


            I have a K5000 in one computer and a GTX 680 in the other and if I was solely running AE, I would be very disappointed.


            Putting your money towards a different system resource is a better idea such as Dave suggested.


            A computer here running a GT120 isn't that far off from my K5000.  The 5xx series GTX GPUs run great and at a much better price point.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Be careful about getting advice about graphics cards for After Effects CS5. Most people are going to give you information that's valid for CS6 and later, which will be useless to you, since everything to do with the GPU was changed in After Effects CS6.


              For After Effects CS5, what matters is OpenGL, and nearly any modern card will provide more than enough muscle to help you there.


              You should spend your money on more RAM.

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                Steve836 Level 1



                Thanks for all the advice, guys.


                Just how low quality can I go? (For AE CS5)


                It sounds like any of those three extremely basic cards will do the job, without detriment to AE work. Even the lowest spec one - ATI 5450 1gb.


                How about an integrated card like the Radeon HD3000 or Nvidia GeForce 7025? Is that pushing it too far?


                At what point do I start seeing a loss on my investment by skimping in this area?


                I’m guessing I should go for a proper card, not integrated, but the more I save on graphics, the more I have for other stuff like RAM.


                Thanks again,


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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  For basic After Effects work with After Effects CS5, just make sure that your graphics card works with OpenGL 2.0, and that is good enough.


                  For After Effects CS6 and later, things are more complicated.