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    automatic form numbering


      i am trying to make a milling form for work. i need to print out about 200 forms at a time starting at 0001 and go up 1 on every page. then i need to be able to come back once all thos forms are gone and print more but starting at 0200. is there a script or easier way to do this?

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          I would design the form, make an Excel file and type in 0001 in the first cell (make sure the number type allows it), select the cell, drag it down until you reach the count. Save the Excel file. Save a copy as a CSV file. Load the CSV file into your ID file, place the one merge field. Save as a newly named file. Merge to PDF, print the PDF.



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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sure. If it's one form a page, then presumably you've set up the form on

            a master page, right?


            So, wherever you need the number in the form, just insert the page

            number (Type>Insert Special Characters>Marker>Current Page Number).


            Now, to get the formatting you want (0001, etc): Open the pages panel,

            and double click on the tiny black triangle on the top of the first page

            (to get to the Numbering and Sections option). (Or you can select the

            first page, and go to Layout>Numbering and sections options).


            In the dropdown for page numbering style, choose 0001.


            That's it. Now all the forms should be numbered properly.


            When you want them to start at 0201, double click that little triangle

            again, and set the start page number to 0201.