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    Multiple AE imports


      I have to import multiple compositions from an After Effects project every day. What's really frustrating is that there is no group import option. The Premiere import window opens and lists all compositions in a project. I can select one and import it, but there's no way (I can see) of selecting more than one composition. So, in order to open multiple compositions, I have to select import, select a composition, import and repeat for each individual composition, which on average is 18 separate files. Tedious..


      Is there any way around this?

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          Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee



          Thanks for your Post. I also faced the same issue while importing multiple After effects comp in Premiere pro. So the work around that I use to follow is to open After effects and Premiere pro side by sede on the same machine, select and drag all the compostion from after effects project panel into Premiere pro project panel. So your all comps will move to Premiere pro, but this process might take time depending upon the format and size of the files and comp respectively. Please try this and update all if it is useful.





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