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    Security Add/Block Bar Blocks FDF Status Return Message

    MikeIs2C Level 1



      I have a form document using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro that submits form data to a Linux server using PHP.  After the data is processed a message is returned to the document via FDF to inform the user about the results.  However, the first time the form is submitted -- by the clients using their copy -- it asks the user if it is okay to go to the site it is being submitted to (which would be nice to avoid if possible). 


      If yes is selected the yellow security bar comes up saying: "Some features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks. Only enable these features if you trust this document."  At this point you can either click to trust once or trust always. In either case, after clicking on the option it makes the security bar go away, but my return message is never received.


      As it turns out the form was submitted and successfully processed.  But from the user's perspective it seems as though nothing happened -- causing them to submit the form again and entering duplicates.  Is there ideally a way to avoid the whole security issue upfront?  If not, is there some way to get my return message to show despite the security disruption?


      Thanks for your time and consideration,