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    Premiere Pro CC Crashing with CUDA Acceleration



      I am working on my first project in Premiere having moved over from FCP7.  I am editing with Merged ProRes 422 HQ footage that was encoded from footage shot with a Sony f55 shooting 4K raw and converted with a One Light in Davinci Resolve.

      Things were going well and suddenly I started getting crashes on maybe 10% of the footage. The biggest problem was that once Premiere tried to Restore the Project anything I did to remove the last file used, or anything to troubleshoot caused the program to keep crashing.

      I am using my new iMAC (late 2012) 27" with the i7, 24 GB RAM and the Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 MX with 2GB vram.   Before abandoning Premiere and going back to FCP, I went to this forum.After I went to this forum, I thought maybe the CUDA drivers were a problem (even though 90% of the editing worked fine)..  I went into project settings and changed from CUDA acceleration to OPENCL...since then I have had (keeping my fingers crossed) NO PROBLEMS...NO CRASHING.

      Has anyone experience this with this setup and even though for now I'll stick with OPENCL...what is going to be done about this?

      I am using nVIDIA CUDA DRIVER 5.0.61 and GPU Driverr version

      Thanks so much in advance.

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          Andrew Huebscher Level 1

          I'm having the same problem, even after upgrading to the latest CUDA drivers (5.5.25).  PP doesn't force quit or crash, rather the entire computer shuts off in an instant.  Both OpenCL and CUDA are problematic.   Switching to "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only" seems to solve this, and it's much more stable/robust.  This is with HD ProRes files in a 29.97 timeline.


          Running on a 2012 1st gen. MBP 15" 2.6GHz i7 with 16GB RAM.  I think I may have a bad GPU, as I've noticed snowy artifacts from time to time, usual upon playback of video from the internet.

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            oliewdj Level 1

            Does it crash with 1080p conformed files? only a thought - maybe its something to do with framesize..

            my first test would be as you did - switch to non cuda, but i would also try some fullhd proxies or something.