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    Indesign CC crashes on quit with individual workspace

    schmizz image&form

      Since InDesign CC came out, I have it crashing on every quit. It seems to be connected to the workspaces: As soon as I use or create an individual workspace, the program crashes on quit.

      I cannot work with the preset workspaces, as I work with 2 monitors and need to sort the palettes in an individual way.


      I did a total uninstall of any former and current InDesign Version, deleting all the preferences etc. Even after a total new install, just touching the workspace (moving some tool palettes), even without opening one single InDesign file, the program keeps crashing when quitting. This is tooo annoying!


      Is anybody at Adobe still alive who could work on this problem? I only see frustrated users posting in forums, but no real answer from Adobe. VERY disappointing.


      My config: Mac Pro, OSX 10.8.4, 14 GB RAM, Installed Adobe Software: InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illu CC, Dreamweaver CC