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    Removing IndicPlus.pln plug-in

    Terry Cline

      Hello - I am stumped!


      I am using InDesign CS6. I used an older file to create a new document. The original file was produced with the ability to handle reading right to left (Arabic in this case), by a vendor of our company. The original file apparently references INDICPLUS.PLN, which is a third party plug-in that handles this and more. More about this in a moment.


      I am now trying to create an English only version, with no other languages. I have accomplished this simply by opening the original file (I want to use the same file setup and styles info), deleting out the older content, removing all traces of Arabic, and adding the new, English-only content. That much works just fine, no problems so far.


      I then create a Book in order to manage publishing this document. When using the "Export to PDF" option, I get an error telling me I don't have INDICPLUS.PLN plug-in. Obviously, this is left over from the original document. I need to get rid of the link to this Plug-in, as I need to include a Book as part of my source files. Otherwise I could just use "Export" from the main menu, bypassing the Book. But that is not our protocol here, so I need to get the Book to work, without this error. And I don't need the plug-in - I don't publish anything in Arabic or any other languages needing these kinds of format.


      I can't find any reference to this Plug-in in CS6. Have looked at the Extension Manager, but I don't see it there. Have looked at all kinds of Preferences and set up options. No luck. Anybody have any ideas how to "remove" this plug-in? There must be some .ini file or similar that is referencing the Plug-in. Or, once a doc uses a plug-in, is it "stuck" to that file forever?




      Terry Cline