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    Brandon Todd

      Hello, I am just now starting to have this problem when drawing on my Bamboo Tablet in flash CS5.5. Whenenever I draw a line with curves in it, even if the curves are very small. The line will get all choppy looking and instead of being one big line, it breaks it up into a bunch of little sections when I select it. it looks as though if the line has a bunch of random tapers in it. But it was drawn in one stroke and in one smooth motion. I have my line set to smooth at the bottom, and the line will do this even if the line smoothing is set to 0 or 100. It's driving me nuts. I reinstalled all my tabler drivers and nothing helped. I'm not sure what else to do. It just now started doing this.line.pngHere is an example. it looks as though the line is a bunch of different sizes and I drew it with lifting the pen up a lot. But I did not, they both were both drawn in one motion. If this helps, in that picture the line thickness is set to 2.00 and the zoom is 400%. But it does not matter what the size is or how far I am zoomed in.


      Thank you so much for your help.