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    Can I use InDesign's Data Merge for more than just address labels?


      I am a Graphic Designing working on a new science exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.


      I'm trying to streamline the way we import our label content into InDesign (currently cut and paste from Word which is slow and leaves room for error). I've been going down the path of having a macro developed which converts the Word content into a csv file so I can then import this into InDesign through data merge, however the import is falling over.


      Through testing we can conclude that data merge doesn't like paragraph breaks, en-dashes and apostrophies (and possibly more we haven't come across) and will only import data up until one of these items occurs in the data. We've tested a number csv file formats however we can't find a solution.


      Has anyone come up with a solution for this? My macro developer would be keen to get a hold of a working csv file that deals with these issues...