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    Shatter effects


      Hey guys,


        I wanna make a text effect like in the transformer title..

      For this i thought about using the "SHATTER" effect..My problem is, shatter makes the particle into pieces and the pieces scatters away..

      but I want that process opposite..I wanna use the scattered pieces first and then join it together as one  text like in the transformer..

      Can any body help me please??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Pre-compose and time-reverse the layer.



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            begin24 Level 1

            Thank you Mylenium..


            But I tried that and i figured out that my transformer is not exactly like the real one..May be coz there is lack of 3d effect..

            Can anyone teach me how to make an effect exactly like the transformer title???

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can't get EXACTLY like the Transformers titles without using an actual 3d program, but I'm sure you can get closer than you think using Shatter. Could we see an example of what you've done so far so we can advise you on which direction to go? Shatter is a 3d effect, so I don't understand what you're saying is wrong with yours.

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                begin24 Level 1

                How could i show that??

                The thing is when i put the 3d mark the effects are all gone...I don't know how to use the 3d effect inside the shatter??

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Here's a tutorial on how to do this in C4D.


                  If you want to do something like this entirely inside AE you can only approach the look. If your graphics card supports ray-tracing you can set up a master comp with your text, extrude it, and then nest that comp inside a non ray-traced rendering comp and apply shatter.


                  If you do not have a cuda supported graphics card then you can stack a bunch of layers on top of each other in a pre-comp offsetting each by 1 pixel in Z with this simple expression:


                  [value0, value1, value2 + index]


                  Create a text layer, make it 3D and then add the expression above to the position property of your first text layer. Duplicate until you get the depth you want.


                  Nest the pre-comp in another comp and apply shatter.


                  Nest the shatter comp in another comp and then time reverse the layer.


                  I think I found a bug in Shatter in AE CC that prevents you from doing it entirely in shatter. I'll check that out and get back to you.

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                    begin24 Level 1

                    Rick thank you very much

                    But i am just a beginner in the adobe..

                    I would be very greatful if u have any tutorial video of the explanation u gave me...

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      If you're just a beginner with After Effects, this is not a project you want to be starting on. You really need a foundation in the basics first. If you do not get a solid start in the basics, you will be frustrated. Start here.