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    CSS styles for a row

    Roopavathy Level 1

      I want to include some css style for a row inside a table(which fetches results from database.)CSS style works for the table but not for the row inside.Pls help.


      Here is my code:(inside php script)


      echo "<table align=\"center\" class=\"studinfo\">

              <tr class=\"studinforow\"><td>Name:</td><td>".$row['Name']."</td></tr>

              <tr class=\"studinforow\"><td>Exam No:</td><td>".$row['Examno']."</td></tr>

              <tr class=\"studinforow\"><td>Roll No:</td><td>".$row['Rno']."</td></tr>

              <tr class=\"studinforow\"><td>Semester:</td><td>".$row['Sem']."</td></tr></table>";


      CSS code:


      .studinfo {

          margin-top: 20px;

          background-color: #E9F9FC;

          margin-bottom: 10px;

          width: 350px;

          font-family: Sintony;

          font-size: 13px;

          line-height: 22px;

          padding: 5px;

          border: 1px solid #AEE8F4;

          height: 150px;


      .studinforow {

          padding: 25px;