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    How to update AirSDK 3.8 + Flex SDK 4.6


      Hello ~~ I excuse my bad English.


      I have made a GameEditor with Flex Project. Properly speaking it made with airsdk and flex components.


      Recently I tried to update AirSDK version from 3.7 to 3.8.

      As the flex project could not specified the path of AirSDK (I guessed), I tried to AirSDK over write to the Flex SDK(4.6).

      I have been updated AirSDK by same way, each time AirSDK is updated.


      but it did not work fine. 

      the error occuring like below 

        - Could not resolve <mx::blah blah~> to a component implementation.


      It looks like that my Project can not find the mx.controls.


      So I add mx.swc into the proeject. but in this case, could not find the spark component.


      Is this wrong how to updating AirSDK?


      thank you.

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          crozyo Level 1

          I found the solution.

          I never know that there are two AirSDK3.8 version, Normal and Compatible Flex.

          I over wrote Compatible AirSDK to the FlexSDK 4.6, and no error I found.


          I think the big problem of my post is my awful English T.T I guess everyone didn't understand what I said.

          haha~~~ anyway thanks for seeing my question.


          Thank you.