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    Pantone logo shows different colors


      Hello Adobe forums!


      I've got a PDF vector logo, with pantone 294C, that's ready to be inserted into InDesign, for ease-of-use.


      When I insert it into InDesign, it shows up as a bright-blue, definitely not Pantone 294C.


      When I open the pdf in Illustrator, then transfer the logo directly into InDesign from Illustrator, it shows up as the correct blue Pantone 294C.


      See screenshot for color difference.


      When I print, the logos are identical in color. My question is: Why does InDesign "render" the two logos in different colortones, when they are actually identical?





      The top logo is the PDF inserted into InDesign, and is showing up as a brighter blue. The bottom logo is the PDF opened in Illustrator, then transfered to InDesign as vector. Both logos, printed directly from InDesign, looks like the same color.