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    How to give a Custom property value to all items in Premiere Pro Project?

    anoopnr134 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Scenario: Need to map the items inside the Premiere pro project with items in our database. This includes the bins,items inside bin and root project etc.

      Once the user saves the project in premiere the project file is saved and the bins and items in the Project is updated in the database.

      Users can also edit the project from outside Premiere pro, using web application, which will be updated in the database.

      So when a user updates a project from web application and then opens the project in premiere we need to add the newly added item in database  to the correct place in premiere pro project.That means under the correct bin inside the project.


      Issue:     We need to have a tag or property (will be a unique key used in our database) for all premiere pro Project items so that we can compare the items with items in the database, and import the items to correct nodes in the project or to remove items from premiere pro project which is not there in database.


      We are using Actionscript to code the workflow, also using jsx files for scripting purposes.

      Please tell, is it possible to give a custom value like the Metadata values for each items in the project which can be modified using action script/ jsx script.

      Need to give this unique id for all items (pjct.rootItem.children-->  BIN, ITEMS) and need to save this custom property along with project file so that next            time we can compare the items in the project file to that in the database.


      Please give the update on the feasibility of this approch,


      Thanks and Regards,

      Anoop NR.