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    Uninstalling Director and Xtras

    Erniegar Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am going to be giving my hard drive to a friend, along with XP. But I am removing all my user files and programs. This includes Director MX2004 and various Xtras. But I know my friend will be learning Director, so after I uninstalled everything.....I installed the Trail version for him.

      But XP has remembered my details and when I install the Trial version, it shows up as registered ! Same when I installed trail versions of the Xtras I think he'll want !

      I don't want to give him all my licenses, how do I convince XP to forget it previously had Registered Versions on, and content itself with having unregistered Trial versions of Director and Xtras ? (then he can purchase his own serial numbers and enter them)

      (I'd prefer not to have to reinstall all the XP) Is there some setting that can be reset or something ?

      Thanks in advance...........