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    .psd to .jpeg as 'for web' or not?

    gbrmk Level 1

      So far when converting my photos from RAW CR2 > DNG > psd in Photoshop, when I make the final conversion to jpeg for importing into PE11, I've always used the Save As .jpeg which makes a file (for 2000x1333px) of something under 1 MB, eg just now a 4.4MB psd file saved at a Quality of 10 (out of a max of 12), ie 'high quality', comes in at 670kb.  My RAW files after conversion to psd have a res of 240px/inch.  Saving as jpeg this way still gives 240px/inch (and the dimensions as above).


      But the alternative which I use for posting images on the web or for email is to use Photoshop's "Save for Web and Devices" (ending with a res of 72 px / inch) and at 'high quality', ie 60% of what's available (I follow Deek McClelland here, as in most matters!) comes in at about 450kb.


      But often the difference is greater, ie as between 900 kb or so and 3- or 400kb.


      I haven't tried the experiment, but maybe I need to think differently when it comes to video.   I'm mindful of what Steve says about the *dimensions* when importing still photos to PE11, but it's still possible to save a small file dimension-wise in higher or lower resolutions.  No?


      So do you recommend bringing in a file (no larger than 2000x1333 px of course) with a size of nearly 1 Mb or making it about half that size?  In other words, how does the res of the imported jpeg affect the final appearance of the video?   For DVD use I make all my vids at m2t.   But by the way, my external Blu-ray burner just arrived this morning.  Rushing to finish this project so I can try it and let you know the results.


      So maybe I'll be going to AVCHD soon!  Wow.


      Thanks for guidance


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you say "bringing in a file (no larger than 2000x1333 px ",you're talking about a photo, right?


          The resolution of the photo you add to your video project doesn't affect the final appearance of the video a whole lot. Although some people have found that the closer the photo is to the final resolution of the video, the better looking your results. This is because you can do a better job of resizing your photos (using the bicubic sharpener) than the program does. The program just throws away pixels. If you use the bicubic sharpener when you reduce the size of your photos, you create a sharper photo. Make sense?


          The best format and resolution to output your video-for-web at depends on where you're going to post the file. If you're posting to a site like Vimeo or YouTube, you can post a 1920x1080 AVCHD and the site will re-encode and optimize the file for web streaming.


          However, if you're posting video to your own personal web site, you need to consider things like the best format and resolution for streaming your video. If you post a 1920x1080 video, it may look great -- but it may stream so slowly that no one will be able to watch it online.

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            gbrmk Level 1

            Hey, many thanks again Steve.  That’s great.  The few I’ve posted online up to now have all been on You Tube.

            all best


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The ideal format to post to YouTube is found under Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD. Under the drop-down menu you should find a preset for YouTube HD.