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    How make a button inactive after the click ?




      how can i make a button inactive after i clik on it ? I need it becasue i have one button which play my symbol (made with this nice course https://blogs.adobe.com/edge/2012/07/18/tutorial-leveraging-independent-symbol-timelines/) but it's not working when the button is in the symbol where there is animation, it's only working when the buttons is a symbol on the stage and on the top of all over symbols, so when i clik on it works and play the symbol that i want but after is still active so i can't place another button at the exact same place of the first because it will play the first button and i need to put 20 buttons, anyone can help me please ? My buttons is just an empty rectangle so i don't talk about turn of the visibility but turn of th "activity"


      Thanks a lot