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    How can I make the trademark (TM) notation appear in a field?


      Such a weird and obscsure question...


      How do I make the trademark notation (you know, TM in superscript) "appear" in a field when a user is entering it into the form's field?

      In Excel, for example, if you type in (TM) into a cell, it automatically makes it appear with the information in the cell.  This is useful for trademarked names in my current PDF fillable I'm working on.


      Is there a script I can enter or create that would do this?  So, for example, if I type in SuperAwesome(tm), it would automatically make it SuperAwesomeTM, with the TM in superscript in the field.


      Is this at all possible?


      Thanks, everybody!  I'm so grateful for the friendliness and help on this forum!