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    Teaching verification


      I am a teacher trying to use a form to track student internship progress.  I created a form where the student completes 3 pages of information.  I want the one of the internship preceptors to have access to it to complete the last 3 pages as an audit of student performance for that specific event.  Is there a way to have a submit button on page 3 for the students, then have the preceptor as a collaborator, be able to log into that completed form and complete the last 3 pages for the student?



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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Sorry we do not support type of workflow.


          What you can do it create a second form for the preceptor. When they get a notification that a student submitted data they fill out this the second form. There  should have a field on that second form that would easily help identify which student that it is associated with. You can then manually merge the two completed forms together after.


          Another option is to manually add columns to the first form' reaponse table and have the preceptor fill out the Detail View (View > Detail View) in the View Responses directly after they get a notification that a student submitted data.