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    teaser and movie on 1 dvd - best workflow ?

    fredowww66 Level 1

      I've created a 23 minutes movie. Exported it in 1080p/25 fr mp4

      I've created a 1 minute trailer (with save as 'trailerxxx', so new project, and deleted everything I didn't need and add want I want in the teaser). Exported also in 1080p/25 fr mp4


      So both files were ok for viewing on multi-mediadisc/tv screen in 1080p


      Now people ask me for a dvd. Because I know that dvd has a maximum quality/size and the movie is only 23 minutes I wanted to add also the teaser on the dvd.

      What I did (because I don't know better :-) ) was making a third project, I added the 2 exported mp4 files (teaser and movie) and created dvd menu, headings and exported to dvd format and burn dvd.


      Everything worked but I presume that this workflow is not ideal to get best quality dvd ? I suppose that for qualityreasons it's better to work with the projectfiles ?

      But how can you do this (making a third project from 2 others without using the exportfiles).

      Or is there no difference in quality if you just use the exported files like I did ?