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    Automating the assembly and stamping of forms


      Hello all,


      My job has a very repetitive aspect to it that I feel could be automated.  I create technical instructions packets for our production staff, which consists of:

      1. Title page
      2. The build instructions
      3. Technical drawings


      I realize that I could compile these 3 elements into a single PDF, but it would likely create more problems than it would solve.  The company I work for is very very small, and all drawing replacements (due to obsolescence or revision) are done by hand.  The fewer places a drawing exists, the smaller the chance that I will forget to replace it, leading to major problems.  Some drawings are shared between different products, furthering the confusion.  So when an order comes in, my steps are to:


      1. Apply information to the title page (Customer, contract #, part number, etc)
      2. Print out the latest revision for the build instructions and technical drawing package
      3. Manually stamp each page by hand with an "APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION" date stamp (as part of our Quality Management System)
        1. This stamp has 3 fields on it: JOB, QTY, and APPROVED BY
      4. Fill in the JOB, QTY, and APPROVED BY fields on the stamp of every page by hand


      I have been experimenting with Adobe Livecycle Designer 8 lately, creating a "Front page" where I can input the data and have it automatically fill in matching text fields on the title page.  I also created a master page with the "APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION" stamp that is automatically filled in by the data on the "Front page" as well.  This is where I hit a wall.  What I would like to do is this:


      1. Fill in appropriate data on a "Front page"
        1. This data then populates text fields on the Title Page
      2. Click a button to attach/import a PDF to be appended to the form
        1. Browse and attach latest revision of build instructions PDF
        2. Browse and attach latest revision of Technical Drawings PDF
      3. Each of the attached PDF pages is stamped/overlaid in the lower right with an APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION date stamp, the relevant JOB and QTY fields therein automatically filled in by the data input from the "Front Page."
      4. (Optional) Save a flattened copy of the stamped/filled in PDF


      Is this possible without having to either upgrade Livecycle or resort to an adobe server-side solution?  I do not wish to involve a database or external data sources, keeping it local and simple would be best.

      I appreciate your time.  If anybody would be able to give me a push in the right direction, I would be very appreciative.  Though my programming experience could be best described as "non-existent," I am ready to go to great extents in order to rid myself of this robotic task