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    UI chokes up with CC


      Hi there, Guys.

      Any advice would be welcome.

      Recently upgraded to Adobe CC and the UI seems to be lagging and chugging when I scrub media. To the point where I can totally not work with it.


      * Note: I'm an veteran editor and my system is professionally set-up. So it's definately NOT an issue with codec or bandwidth from my RAID. Editing in ProRes 422 1080p24. PP CS6 Is running fine. It's snappy and the UI is immediately responsive.


      System is a MacPro 3.1 24Gig RAM

      4ch SATA CalDigit 12TB Raid

      ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB

      Quadra 4000 CUDA

      BMC DecLink SDI


      I have updated all drivers and firmware.


      Any advice welcome. Thanks guys.