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    New pages automatically applying master page


      I am creating a template for an organization that has never used InDesign before, and am trying to make the template as easy to use as possible.


      We will be creating many books with multiple chapters. The first page of each chapter will have Master Page A applied, and all following pages within the chapter will have Master Page B applied. I would like for the template to already have the first two pages created, and the correct masters already applied. So to reiterate, my template wil have 2 pages: page 1 has Master A applied, and page 2 will have Master B applied.


      Here's my problem: when the user gets to the bottom of the second page and it's time for another page to automatically be created, the third page applies Master Page A. It's like as soon as a new page is needed, InDesign is looking at whatever master is applied to page 1, and using that. What I want is for the new page to have the same master as the previous page, not the first page in the document.


      As the user types and new pages are created, can I have InDesign always apply Master Page B? Or will InDesign always give the new page the same master as the first page of the document?


      Thanks for the help.