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    PSE 9 will not run/load


      PSE 9 run fine until 2 days ago. upon opening found I had no Organiser menu, but had edit. Now no Organiser or edit. Only get Welcome screen. No changes to computer. Quad core, 6 meg RAM. Win 7, Home premium. (Typing has never been my strong point , Sorry)

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          The (un)Welcome screen can be a problem somettimes so I (and many others) tend to set up direct shortcuts to the Organizer and the Editor.


          Create shortcuts to the following locations.


          Organizer: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Elements 9 Organizer\PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe"


          Editor: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 9\PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe"


          If you need help with creating shortcuts, then please ask.


          Once you have created the shortcuts, try to see if they will load the application.


          Good luck



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            St8aro Level 1

            Thank You. The solution only works for the Editor, not the Organizer.


            When I run the set up it give me the following statement "Error Code: 1316 A. A network e rro  - - - Cant read my notes - - while attempting  to read from  the file C:\windows\installer\Adobe Photoshop elements 9.mis"


            Set up from the CD tells me the program was not completely installed Rerun setup to resolve this problem."


            Any other suggestions??.

            Computers hate me starting with punch cards and Fortran!

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              It sounds as though your installation has been corrupted.


              I suggest that first you run chkdsk on your system disk and a virus scan to make sure things are clean, then uninstall PSE and install it again (I assume you have the serial number).


              If you have problems uninstalling then you may have to do it manually - see the following




              If you get PSE successfully installed and organizer still doesn't load, try holding down the shift key when you double click on the organizer shortcut. This should open the catalog manager where you can try creating a new catalog to see if you have a catalog problem.


              Good luck



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                Ran System disk & virus scan, finally did manual uninstall., using 3rd party program. Still get uninstall screen upon booting up PSE9. Chated with Support, basically was told no support available, program is to old. Their solutions sre buy PSE 11, and check forum for technical support. I am not a happy camper. I took 2 classes (Adult d) in PSE 9 to be told go away. If I can't relosve this problem I perhapss will go away to someone else.HAving said that Thankou for your effort to esolve this problem. Aftr epair comes (09/09) I will make final decision. Does support always have an attitude problem, oe was I just lucky? John

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                  Have you tried the Microsoft fixit tool




                  That might help you clean up the installation to enable you to do a clean install.



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                    I just had a MSE tech come and clean up the PC (needed it any way) so there in NO trace of PSE9 on my machine. Still can not install\rum program. Attempted to contact support for reactivation. I was dumped off to anouther unit, placed on hold for 20 min. I give up! I will NEVER buy Photoshop, etc again! My time is worth something, I deserve (require) to be treated better than this. JOHN

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                      Hi John,


                      There must be something odd on your system that the MSE tech didn't spot - I have Windows 7 system and I run version 9, 10 and 11 of PSE quite happily.


                      Is your Windows 7 system fully patched, including all the optional patches?


                      Did you, or the tech guy, try the Fixit tool that I suggested in message #5 above?


                      Are you still failing with the error 1316:A or are you getting a different error?


                      Do you have anything like a Wacom graphics tablet attached to the system?



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                        In reverse prder - No Wacon tablet.

                        Still getting error 1 316 A

                        Still opening to UNINSTALL SCREEN (Support hasn't figured that statement out yet.)

                        Tedh guy tried MS Fix-it-tool and Adobe's Cloun toolAND cccleaner, and others I can'name, because I don't know them. He tried for about two hours, to get the program to run


                        PSE9 ran fine UNTILl   about two weeks ago.
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                          Appears I hit send-


                          Problem is poor (AKA SH- - - y) customer sevice. Dumping customer rather than solving problem.  I was LGO Employee for 33 years, I would have been unemployed tor treating my  street drunks like that. Just because Adobe in an 800 pound gorilla, is no excuse for poor help. There is no excuse for their Help desk. My aunt and Son were Help Desk, so I do have a bias.


                          All I ws looking for is to have PSE9 install, there MUST be somesort of connection between Adobe & Cstomer that would allow this.


                          I wish to reiterate - THANK YOU for your suggestions.             


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                            The error 1316:A is normally due to a registry problem. Hopefully, your tech guy would have check your registry for errors. If, when you try to install from DVD, it still thinks Elements is loaded, I suspect that all the entries haven't been removed from the registry.


                            Another idea that you could try, is to create a new user, switch to that user and try an install then. There are some parts of the registry which are unique to each user, so by trying a new user it might use a clean part of the registry.


                            Let us know the results and then we can have a think of how to proceed.


                            Normally the Adobe product is quite good but does have its quirks. I'm afraid that Adobe's policy has long been to only support the latest releases and do provide this user to user forum so that we can try to help others.



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                              Another thought, can you think of any changes you made to your system two weeks ago?


                              Windows 7 has a useful tool to help find out about changes. Click on the Windows Star button and the menus should open with a search box at the bottom. Type in rel and the list should change to show View Reliability History at the top - select that.


                              The display should show a daily table which you can scroll to the left to go back two weeks or so. The red circle with a white cross shows a critical event. A blue circle with an white i is an information. Select a day and the events will be listed in the lower part of the window.


                              I don't know what you will find but it does tell you when you installed things and when you did updates. I'm looking for a clue as to what caused your problems in the first place.



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                                RE: Tedh for 2.5 billable hrs he had better checked registry. I will have to defer to him on what he did/did not do. (Above my pay grade) I will ask him to respond and we shall see.


                                what caused problem in first place?  Defered as I have a poor relationshio with computers.

                                At start up notie of ALS mssing waas showing. plus other programs were getting slow.

                                Tech  mentioned something about  many errors being removed\repaired.

                                Again I will see if I can find out answers to your questions.

                                If there is fee - forget it. I am over budget as it is. (I am NOT at dog food stage yet)

                                If I challenge any qualifications, i challenge all M.Q's He has Microsmurf ticiket plus MS and runs own ahop.


                                Me _ I screw up computers.


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                                  Tech response to querry:


                                  Ur  PC is infection clean and ur HDD doesn't have corrupted sectors. So the  process listed below about uninstalling is impossible bc the original  uninstallation was corrupted to begin with. Also when following several  guides from various sources online including Adobe's manual file removal  and registry deletion keys proved to be no success.

                                  So I don't know man; if that message is from adobe then my response is; been there done that and did a lot more.

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                                    Just to put things in perspective, I have been working with computers all my working life, my later position was in customer support before I retired. I am continually helping my friends with their PCs and hate to be beaten by a problem.


                                    The instructions give in the document referenced in message #3 should have removed all traces of Photoshop elements 9 including the pointers to the uninstall path so I was expecting a fresh install to go without a problem. As you tech guy says that he checked those locations it might be that the installation of another application has also been corrupted.


                                    The network error that you mentioned in message #2 can sometimes be caused when an installation is attempted from a zip file without unzipping the contents first. Since you are installing from a DVD this cause can be ignored.


                                    The error can sometimes be caused if the system has been reconfigured, like adding a disk, after the original installation of an application - but the tech guy would have spotted that.


                                    I'm afraid that your tech guy is in the best position to resolve your system problem, I can only help by giving him the pointers.


                                    The only thing that I can suggest is to download the trial version of PSE 11 and see if that installs. The two versions are completely separate and you can eventually buy PSE 11 if you wish and convert your PSE 9 catalog to the PSE version 11.


                                    One word of warning, PSE 12 is expected out quite soon.


                                    Good luck



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                                      #1- Beaten - You and the tech, both!

                                      #2 Working with Computers - My sympathy, but what ever floats your boat. I was an  Investigator for Public Health

                                      #3 Down Load Trial - Did, before Tech. It loaded and ran fine. thenTech deleted it as part of attempts to make PSE 9 go.

                                      #4 I noticed that it's expected any time now (per a Forum postiing), thanks for the heads-up.

                                      #5 You may have thoutght I was joking about Computers hating me, I wasn't.  This episode is almost typical for me and computers.

                                      #6 Thanks - I need all the Good luck with computers I can get.


                                      I will write off PSE 9 as a lost cause (and wimper as I contemplate it's replacement).


                                      Thank you for your many kind attempts to fix this problem (Could you do something about the Help(less) desk? PLEASE!)

                                      Grumpy is my first name, if you havent guessed, by now.


                                      Thanks again.

                                      Grumpy John



                                      All opinions labeled John are stricttly my own, and do not necessarily repressent Adobe or othe Forum Posters. You may draw andYconclusion you wish.