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    Publishing an interactive PDF from an In Design CC lay out


      I am having a problem with the publishing of an interactive PDF from an indesign document I have created...


      The problems is as follows;


      While in In Design layout I can view the preview of the spread, or page, with the embedded video and it plays... both in the SWF Preview and in the Test in Browser preview.


      However when i publish the interactive pdf,  and it opens after it is rendered the videos play in my .PDF reader (version 9) or in my PDF PRo application.

      When I upload the .PDF file to my server and point my browser to it (FireFox, Chrome or IE-10) the videos do not play... If instead of viewing in a browser window you download the PDF file to view offline the videos play as intended on page load.


      Also when viewed in firefox there is a problem with transparencies... they do not showup... In the other browsers all the transparencies are fine...


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're running into a common problem: There are many different PDF readers written by different developers, and they are not all the same. Some are well written and follow all the PDF "rules." Some developers cut corners and only support those PDF features they choose to include.


          In the "old days," Adobe made the rules, and created most of the PDF readers. Now, every Tom, Dick and Harry (every Google, Microsoft and Apple) want to write their own reader.


          As a publisher, there is nothing you can do about that except recommend that your viewers download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader. Provide a link to the download.