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    I was quite happy and adept with PageMaker

    Cougartoo Level 1

      Unfortunately my kind old workhorse (PageMaker 7) can't live in a Windows 7 barn.  I let the Adobe sales guy talk me into upgrading to the cloud since I use so many Adobe products.  I am lost with InDesign and I want to READ about how to do things, nt watch a video.  Things that were simple in PageMaker have become difficult. I am sure I'll learn, but I never liked Quark and this seems awfully similiar up front.  For right now I need to:


      Insert text....If I start typing with the text tool...I see nothing even though I have choosen a color and it isn't on white.  So to get around it, I copied and pasted my text from word. 


      Does anyone kow where I can read about ID rather than watching videos (I'm not a youtube kinda person either...I'd ratehr read or look at pictures)?  Is there anything specific for PgaeMaker adepts trying to transition?