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    Multiple Signatures on Large Plan Sets? - Open to Other Security Measures


      Good afternoon,


      I'm looking for a way to circulate large plan sets to three reviewers for digital signature. The PDFs are, and must remain, formatted to clearly print at 24''x36''. As some plan sets are 12+ pages, this is too large to pass along through our email.


      We do our plan review through an online portal, where each department marks up the PDF, exports comments as FDF, and then the case manager imports all comments into one PDF. I'd prefer to find a solution for signing plans using this portal too, but I imagine it will have to be done offline and then uploaded.


      I'm also open to any other solutions for locking and securing an approved document. If not a signature, maybe a timestamp or watermark on each page? Anything more secure than a simple stamp that can so easily be altered.