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    Why do my recently edited RAW files lack sidecars?

    grprt Level 1

      I've asked about this recently and now can describe the problem better. My previous question (Aug. 1 "Bridge Thumbnails & Preview no longer indicate edit") received answers suggesting deleting cache, which had no effect on the problem. I've now noticed that those edited RAW files lack sidecar files, although they open normally in RAW, displaying their edited state in both the image and the panels sliders.


      I'm using a MacPro 2 X 2.8 GHz Quad-core Intel Xenon, running version 10.6.8, Photoshop CS6 13.0.5


      This problem only affects recently edited RAW files (August 2013), with their thumbnails in Bridge showing the edit symbol (upper right), but  no evidence of any editing. When I open these files in RAW, the image and the panel sliders show all of my edit correctly. Although the edit is displayed,  the sidecar files are missing from the respective RAW file on my HD. Both RW2 and RAF filles are affected. When I convert these files to DNG, the thumbnails in Bridge then correctly show evidence of the edit.


      Where are those missing sidecar files?