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    VCard and Outlook problem

      I am having problems with VCard encoding, such that my coldfusion generated VCards are compatible with Apples Address Book, but remain unreadable by Outlook or anything on a PC.

      A link is clicked which sends a persons id to the script which then outputs the details (beginning of script shown underneath).

      (I understood that VCard v2.1, not v3.0, would allow me to specify UTF-8 as Charset)

      The Outputted VCards look to all intents and purposes correct when opened in Apples Textedit or Microsofts Wordpad, though when opened with Notepad on a PC I can see that line breaks are replaced with a rectangle (suggesting no character) and this is preventing Outlook from reading the details.

      Also, the file has no extension and so isn't recognised on a PC as being .vcf.

      Anyone shed any light on this?