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    Video and audio not synching

    photonewbiebw Level 1

      So, today I started editing a project. I was selecting clips from several different interviews and putting them in the timeline. I watched some clips, everything was fine.


      Then I dragged something to the begging of the timeline. Now, some clips are out of synch. The clips that are out of synch are of the same person, the other clips are fine. The audio/video are linked, so that's not the problem. Looking at the timeline, everything seems normal.


      After watching it more closely, the video seems correct. Something happened with the audio. The audio jumps around ALOT. Meaning the person will say "So I decorated my trailer" we hear a click..then it jumps to another portion of audio. The weird thing is some of the audio is from the original video and not part of the timeline (i.e we hear part of the interviewer's question). I've attached a screenshot so you can see what my timeline looks like. Again, I want to stress it sounded fine when I first listened to these clips. Also, at first I thought it was my computer, so I saved the file and rebooted. I wish I would have tried command Z first. Too late for that now. Any other ideas?




      Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 3.15.13 PM.png