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    How to trash prefs for InDesign CS6?


      Very, very frustrating.


      Every "how to" I find online on how to trash my ID CS6 prefs tells me to replace the files called 'InDesign Defaults' and 'InDesign SavedDate'. The locations of these are supposedly here:


      InDesign Defaults:

      Macintosh: Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/<Version #>/<Language>/


      InDesign SavedData:

      Macintosh: Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign/<Version #>/<Language>/


      Well, there is no 'Library' folder in my '<USER>' folder. The is no 'Caches' folder anywhere on my hard drive. There is no 'Adobe InDesign' folder anywhere on my hard drive. There don't appear to be any files on my hard drive with the names 'InDesign Defaults' or 'InDesign SavedDate'.


      How is any of this possible?