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      we are trying to authorize computer but keep getting error msg  You can only authorize this computer with an Adobe ID that has not previously been used.  try again.    this is our only email  how do we fix?

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          Please try de-authorizing and re-authorizing with your email address, this should resolve your issue.

          Follow the below steps to Re-authorize Digital Editions.

          1. Launch Adobe Digital Editions
          2. Keeping ADE program active on your screen, Hold Ctrl+Shift+D keys.  
          3. You will get a prompt window with an option  to Erase Authorization (ADE 2.0).
          4. - Deauthorize ADE and Re-launch it.  
          5. Navigate  to Help > Authorize Computer (in ADE 2.0) .




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            My question was how to authorise a device to be a ADE reader if it cannot connect to the internet, but can get books via this pc.