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    Trouble updating via Intranet server using non self signed certificate.

    Xenon13 Level 1

      We have a *.ourdomain.net certificated in our organization and after testing with a self signed certificate i attempted to move to this type of certificate to have no need to update it on all our clients. i am receving the errors:


      2013-8-20+22-35-34.2 [info] 1628 adobeupdate.ourdomain.net

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.2 [info] 1629 adobeupdate.ourdomain.net

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.2 [info] 1614

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.2 [info] 1615

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.18 [info] 1618

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.18 [info] 1608

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.80 [warning] 1431

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.80 [warning] 1409

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.80 [info] 1612

      2013-8-20+22-35-34.80 [info] 1620


      When trying to do a update.


      My mms.cfg:








      Any help would be appreciated we would prefer not to use a self signed if possible.